In The Beginning

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Uncategorized


This is a new personal venture to deal with the messiness of faith in God in general and christianity in particular. I myself am one who tries to follow Jesus Christ. I think the best most anyone on that path can say is that on some days we do a better job of acting like Jesus than others. Hopefully the days when my following out-weighs my foot-dragging will multiply but I really don’t think its going to get much better than that. Call me a pessimist.

The idea with this blog is for me to ask questions in a completely arbitrary way and for you lot to argue with me and one another about it. If you’re on the God in general (or Jesus in particular) side of the camp I’d ask you to refrain from purely scriptural answers as all scriptures go a lot deeper than most people realize and out of context are fairly useless as arguments. That’s not to say I hate scripture. I think there is a wealth of wisdom in the scriptures that flows from people just like you and me who were trying to make some sense about this crazy thing called life. If you happen to be on the a-theistic side of things then I’d ask you to leave any assumptions that people of faith are simply delusional, and therefore not worth arguing with, at the door. If you grew up in a God-free home thats one thing but if you have left faith in God behind then the one thing you should have gained is some fucking compassion for those who still believe.

Yes we will argue here but the point isn’t to WIN. The point, in fact, is to see how wrong we all are about our pre-concieved notions about God and one another. If you’re here to talk then let it be just that. Let’s all just talk about this stuff in a civil manner. On the other hand if you’re commenting here be prepared to get your feelings hurt, your faith challenged, and your hands dirty.

May peace be with you,



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